Object texture coordinates with box not working

I used to always set each wall texture to “object” on the texture coordinate and then make each texture set as box. But now it doesn’t work anymore.

details, captures, file, etc.

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Not totally sure what could be causing this jumbled mess of pixels, some things to check for: is there any overlapping geometry? what does it look like in wireframe mode? is it regular axes-aligned planes, or anything more complex? I can’t tell from your capture but do you have any values in the mapping node? also does it show the same thing in rendered mode?

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Surely, transforms, namely the scale is applied, right?
Just to outrule that one as well :blush:

Do a test without the normal map plugged in. Iirc I’ve had issues using normal maps for box mapping, not sure if I had a UV map created or not at the time.