Object that is raytraced but casts no shadow?


I’m trying to render a candle flame with a plane that has a texture image mapped on it. I would like the flame to show up in reflections, but not cast a shadow (since I’m raytracing, and I have to put a light source pretty much on top of it in order for it to light the scene convincingly). On the other hand, the light still has to cast shadows on other objects in the scene, so I can’t turn shadowing off at the light source.

Is there any way I can do this?

Move the flame to its own layer and on that layer add a new light that does not cast shadows. Now for all the lights on both layers click the Layer button in the lamp settings. This will cause the non shadow light to light only the flame and the other shadow casting lights to light the rest of the scene.

I am having a similar issue as the original poster (and hopefully I don’t get yelled at for bumping; it’s better than making a new topic isn’t it?). I have characters that have stylistically “painted” eyes that I’ve placed on seperate objects that are milliunits away from the character mesh (this means I can change expressions just by swapping eye objects around layers). I also can’t figure out how to get the eyes to receive shadows (and show up in reflections etc.) yet not cast them on the character mesh (despite how close the two are, the shadows are still visible). The main thing is, the scene is pretty complex to the point where duplicating lamps would be ridiculously impratical (there’s like 21 of them in total; the scene is a series of smallish buildings). Is there a solution other then lamp duplication/layering?