Object to Object Baking question

Hi all,

I’m trying to using the baking features in 245.14 and am having some difficulty. It seems it doesn’t want to “capture” the surface normals for anything above the surface of the low poly, only below it. For example if I have detail in a trench it bakes it fine, but if there are armor panels sitting above it, it will not bake them.

I previously resolved this problem by making the highpoly mesh manifold, but in this case it is not a solution, the high poly mesh is simply too complex.


If your using an old build like 2.45 then the normal baking then will only be good for planar objects, what you want is tangent normal map baking which is in any new SVN build.

he must be using one of the builds for object to object.
I think that what you describe is a bug because I have seem that sometimes, though sometimes not.

Sorry I get mixed up between the Revision number and the Version that displays in Blender. It’s Revision 13483.

I’ve uploaded a pic that should demonstrate the problem. Note that the portion of the model and particularly that little dish that are behind the plane are baked predictably, but the area protruding through the plane simply shows up as a dark spot (as if you were just baking single-object AO). I have tried altering the distance setting, to no avail. Also, this particular render comes from 13513, as I doublechecked to make sure I had the most recent build off of graphicall.