Object Tracking From Hades!

Hey guys, I’m trying to track this object in 3d, and could use some help. Initially I had just planned to render a single image out of Blender and just perform a 2d track in After Effects, where I do my compositing. But there is a slight rotation of the object, and I’d really like to be able to perform a full 3d track on it, since it’s an important shot in the video.

Obviously there aren’t many points on here to track. I was thinking I could try tracking the edges of the pink squares, but that might take a while. I was hoping to see if anyone had any suggestions for me that might be easier. I have done some tracking in Blender in the past, but not a lot. I’m very interested in learning more, and will be buying the DVD tutorial in the near future.

The clip is about 4 seconds long, and all the markers are visible throughout the shot, except for the middle marker which is occasionally occluded by the finger at times, as you can see in the reference image.

You need eight markers for a solution so placing your markers in the center of each square won’t be enough. Try tracking the corners of each square. That will give you at least a dozen markers.

Steve S

I’m sorry, I thought I had replied to your message, but apparently I didn’t!

Thank you for the reply. I ended up just doing a 2D track in After Effects, but I will remember that I need 8 points in the future for Blender.

Thanks, Steve S!

You can do a corner pin or 2d track in blender now too.

I didn’t know that, I was wondering if there were alternative methods that didn’t require more points. I’ll have to look up what those two types of tracking methods are. I’m guessing a 2d track is exactly what it sounds like of course, but I’m not sure what a corner pin is yet.

Since I’m basically just tracking the surface of a plane, do you think it might be possible to use fewer than 8 points to track a planes motion?

Yep, you can track a plane in with as little as four points. The more points on the plane you track, the better the estimation will be.

I just did a short course on BlenderCookie about this very subject. :slight_smile: Maybe it could help!

And check out this breakdown, seems quite similar.

Thanks, Sean! That is quite helpful!

And thank you as well, David! I hadn’t seen that before!

Those links will certainly help me with the remaining shots I’ve got left before the video release on Tuesday.