Object Tracking in Blender in 5 steps in just 3.22 minutes [Eevee Edition]!

In this new tutorial, I get straight to the point and pin point how to do object tracking in Blender in just 5 steps in a video that is only 3.22 minutes short and I STILL have time to talk about how you can support my videos if you are willing.

This is an on going straight to the point series in my channel on tracking/matching in Blender and after that, it will be unto other Blender topics which I’ve also mentioned in the video.

Fun Fact: The CG in this tutorial is rendered in Real Time using only a laptop 940mx [dinosaur era] graphic card ! Eevee ROCKS ! [Please support armature animation Eevee !]

To those who didn’t knew about the Blender series my channel is embarking on, here are a list of it:

3DS Max User to Blender User Guide:

Water Simulation in Blender straight to the point !:

Camera tracking in Blender also no bullshit straight to the point !:

To those who have finished watching this object tracking video, I will see you in the next video soon and THANK YOU to everyone of you who have chosen to help me when I asked for help here in the forum !
I can be very stupid at times so thanks for being patient with me.

Shoutout to the members who have always been here in the forum helping me for no apparent reason beyond the kindness of your heart: SterlingRoth [YOU ! You are always there helping me !!!], ozgur1 and sozap [Eevee God].


Thank you for sharing!! Tracking has been of my interests long ago. Great tuts.

Where do we find that “enter your camera sensor width” , what if I tracked it with my phone? sensor width would be: 5.9x3.3 mm

And what about DSLR cameras like Cannon Rebel T2i?

you can usually find sensor width data online:

This lists your T2i sensor size as 22.3 x 14.9

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Thank you so much.
On another question: Does it work with phone sensors too? Like in mm?

“On another question: Does it work with phone sensors too? Like in mm?”
The sensor data is in mm :smiley:
The tricky thing about phone camera is…if it is one of those established brands, retrieving the phone specs should be no problem, but if it is one of those nameless phones…now that require some CSI zoom in zoom in zoom in somemore magic ;p

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Quick extra tip, especially for those using a phone camera. Turn of stabilization on the phone as this will tend to make the image center drift. The image center is an assumed known location, if its wrong then the solve error may be higher and your track unsuccessful