Object tracking in Icarus

Hi, all! I’ve been experimenting with icarus and was wondering there was a way to possibly apply the tracking not onto the camera but onto an object

e.x Make a cube track to a pixel on a guy’s hand.

Is this possible?

Blender doesnt do 2d point tracking, and I dont know if Icarus does either. What you seem to have is a 3d scene track, where it generates 3d space/environment in point form from a shot, including camera moves.
Libmv tracker is a way off yet but i believe it does both. And will be a module of Blender.

I have a mac…

Are there any other programs for Mac that do this (That I can export to blender)

Well there’s Voodoo but it doesn’t work for me. Did you get Icarus to work? It won’t work for me it give me an error on the import script

I’ve used both Voodoo and Syntheyes for testing purposes. Voodoo is slower but it’s free and open source. Though I think that the license has changed and that it does not allow one to produce commercial products using it (please correct me on this one if I’m wrong). Another problem was that it worked best with a small number of frames, say up to 500. I was not very pleased with the results. Maybe the shot I tried to track was not appropriate or something or maybe it was shot with crappy sd camera. The same shot was tracked with much better results using Syntheyes but it was still far from what I would consider optimal. Automatic tracking did not produce good results.
A while ago I watched a cmiVFX tutorial where Sebastian demonstrated how to track a scene interactively something not supported by Voodoo as far as I could tell. It was quite impressive but never really had the time to follow the tutorial. My main problem with Syntheyes is that it’s not a FOSS app. If you’re not a FOSS purist like myself, it might be worth exploring.