object tranformation?

hi , when i import an object it transforms into an other model of mine , how to fix that?!


What type of import are you doing?

Link/Append from .blend?

im trying to import an obj file

What do you mean by “it transforms into an other model of mine”
You’ll have to supply more meaningful info. Show screenshots of what it should look like, what it actually looks like. Attach or post a link to your obj file as well as your blend file. The more effort you can put in up front with your post (it is your problem so you should be the one doing all the donkey work) the easier it will be for someone to help you.

one thing , it does not matter the current blender file of my project, i tryed in a new file and its always transforms into an other model

solved:RocknRoll: , it was the obj file , obj file was corrupted so used my backup file :smiley:
thanks anyway