Object transparency with image alpha channel


I’m new to Blender, and have a specific effect I want to achieve - so far I have created the following:


This is the logo .png image wrapped around a meta tube object. I accomplished this by setting the material alpha to 0 and the texture Col and Alpha values to ON. My problem is that the texture should wrap all the way around the tube, and yet it seems that it is only being rendered around the visible sides. I’ve checked that the texture is set correctly by panning around the object with the camera, and the texture is rendering correctly.

Any ideas as to how I can show the entire wrapped image?

hmm are you sure the object is “2 sided” ?

Good point. I looked for a double-sided setting for the meta-tube, but couldn’t find it. So I created a mesh tube object, made sure double-sided was on and tried the texture on it - the mesh tube is defnitely double sided, but the texture still only displays on the visible sides.

Any other ideas?

Yes. Turn “ZTransp” on. The Object is transparent, but without ZTransp (or Raytransp which you dont’t need in this case) you’re looking at the world background.

Thankyou! That worked perfectly!