Object type "oddities?"

A couple of observations about 2.5 concerning object types:

Firstly, for all object types that you can add the icon name for them can be derived by appending “_DATA” on to the object type. EXCEPT for types ‘TEXT’ and ‘WAVE’ (Altough I’m not sure what a ‘wave’ object is, does not show in the add menu).

And second, A Force object shows as type ‘EMPTY’ – was a little suprised by that I guess. Is this supposed to be the case?

Hey FourMadMen!

first is probably just naming conventions within the icon file,
I wish I had the icon get script still working, the icons can be quite hard to find by name/type sometimes.
second probably make sense, a force object is not a solid object, basically an empty that affects other objects?

Hey man!

I can live with number 2 as your explanation makes sense.

As for the first one: If they all followed the same convention I would not have to generate a TYPE to ICON mapping in my layer manager script. No big deal as I have done that already. So just noting it for any one who might want to know.