Object Visibility like in After Effects?


I’m not a programmer at all, but I was wondering if it is possible to create the following:

In After Effects it it very easy to control the viewport and rendered visibility of an object by just trimming it in the timeline. Right now I’m animating some MoGraphs in Blender, and to be honest, it is a pain in the a** to keyframe every single objects render buttons.

In Blender we do have the Dope Sheet, which is similar to the timeline of AE. So would it be very complicated to add something like a visibility line for each object, which I then can trim?


You can add a keyframe to the object’s renderability (the camera icon on the Outliner), and after that you’ll have that channel (named ‘Restrict Render’) in both DopeSheet and Graph Editor.

If you want to control the visibility of lots of objects at the same time, then it’s probably best to use drivers.