Object will not smooth correctly.

Ok, so, Notice the engines, or what are supposed to be engines, in this render.

I am trying to get them to be smooth, but it is only smoothing one axis.

This is what it looks like when smoothed-

So, you can see my problem. :frowning:

I have tried subsurf, but that does nothing at all to change the appearance of it, it only slows down blender.

oh, and, this is only happening in THIS project on these 2 objects.

There are two common causes for this. One, bad normals. In edit mode, select everything and press ctrl-n, thatโ€™ll fix the normals.

The other could be duplicate vertices. Select everything in edit mode, and press W > Remove doubles.

Hope that helps!


it sped up the render time and the interface a LOT.