Object with armatures, need collision help

So, when I make an object with armatures and when it moves in game engine, I think it collides itself. Result of that it just flies away really fast.
So, is there a way to make the object to no collide with itself?

Make sure the faces of your model are collision-insensitive. (F to enter Face Mode, select all, press W, unset Collision)

But that shouldnt be a problem Plant, if he just has a model and a armature. What exactly are your logic bricks?

I’ve had this same problem. That was the solution. It’s just good practice anyway, if the collision sensitivity is applied to all the faces it can cause slowdowns.

Yes i agree. What you should do, Samipe, is parent the armature to a cube that is dynamic, instead of having the armature dynamic. If you didn’t figure that out already, that is.