Object with parent, only detects collision with rigid body and not with static object

Hi, how its possible make object with parent detect collision with static objects, and not only with rigid body or Dynamic? Sorry english :smiley:

The object is parented in real time.

FILE: Example.blend (88.2 KB)

So … anyone have any ideas? the only thing I could think of would be to create a script for a function similar to the parent, but I can not think how to do that. Sorry english :smiley:

Check the compound box on both the child’s parent actuator and the parent cube’s collision bounds settings. Don’t check compound under the child’s collision settings, otherwise it won’t work (I think it’s a bug).

Not work…

Here’s your fixed blend with the exact changes I described. I’ve tested it on 2.67 and 2.68a. If it still doesn’t work, I can only assume you’re using a different version.

CompoundPhysics.blend (89.7 KB)

When dealing with compound physics objects, all collision data is sent to the parent. You’ll need to put the collision sensor on the parent cube for this setup to work.

If you need to only detect collisions on the child cube, you’ll have to parent a sensor object to it that does not use compound physics and put the collision sensor on that.