Object with texture

i don’t know what’s the problem with my project, when i press “p (start game engine)” as texture, some parts of the object disappear… any idea?

note: newbie

Recalculate inside normals or outside normals to fix the problem.It’s in the edit mode menue.

it’s look like this… imported it from the other blend file as .obj (Object)… then tadadan! run it as game engine…:spin:

@3d solar: I’ve done that before but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Computer Specs: Dual core, nvidia geforce 210, 2.5g ram

What should it look like? If you upload a simplified .blend with only the problem and the packed texture, it’s a lot easier to help. I would guess the same as 3DSSB, select obj, tab, a, w, recalculate normals.