Objects acting weirdly


When i “start” my game in blender game objects looks weird. I am pretty new with blender game so, if enyone could help me? (first one is normal mode and the second one is when the game is on ) Sorry if there is bad english…

looks like flppied normals in the “shirt”

is the “shirt” a alpha map from another engine?

Recalculate outside normals in edit mode should do the trick.But let me know if it don’t work.

Thanks 3d solar… it worked!

cos Blueprintrandom didn’t say the exact same advice first? :confused:

yea… sorry about that. Thanks for both!

yah, sorry if i sounded rude or abrubt or whatever, just starting to see this trend all too often, someone gives an aswer then one or two people post similar aswers maybe worded slightly different, and only the last posted recieves any gratitude.

sorry you got the grief cos it’s a community problem, not just you!
at least you got your answer