Objects added with Add/End actuator change scale to something strange when added


I have a box.
The box has two actuators activated when spacebar is pressed:
Add Object (ObjectA)
Add Object (ObjectB)
End Object

Object A and B are two fake halves of the original box on a different layer.

It should work fine, except whenever I press spacebar, the boxes are insanely massive.

I created the original box, A and B all in layer 6.
I moved the box to Layer 1 when I was completed. Nothing was changed when the box was moved. Not the logic, not the scale, not the rotation and not even the location.

Perhaps there are different scales for every layer or something?

I have had lots of problems in the past with objects not being the correct size.

Whenever I list a scenario like above, they are just scenarios to demonstrate my problem. If you ask for a blend, I’ll have to make one.

Make sure you apply the scale/rotation (ctrl-a) on all objects to be added AND the ones that you’re adding.

I’ve tried rotation, scale & visual transformation. none fix the problem.

Post a blend :slight_smile:

I don’t believe you.

Weird scale objects when added are due to 2 possible things:

  1. The object that you’re adding from is scaled up. To see specific scale numbers, select the object that has the add object actuator and hit “N”. If “scale” is anything bigger or smaller than 1, then you’ll have issues. Either apply the scale (select that object, hit ctrl-a) or use a non-scaled object like an empty to add the object.

  2. The object that you’re adding has a weird scale. Do the same as #1.

Otherwise… post a blend.


When an add object actuator is used, the added object gets the orientation, position and scaling of the actuator’s parent (the object it is attached to). So, you’re mostly likely problem – as already stated – is probably that you need to apply scale and rotation (crtl+a) on the objects.

If you’ve done this, and checked as TheSambassador said, then please, post a blend.