Objects and Meshes

(madmage) #1

hi to all…

i’m a newbie of blender… but i’m using it in a tutorial for the italian game engine community… 8)

i understand that an object can be a lamp, a mesh, an empty and so on… but i found that if i add two cubes in a scene, they are the same object, but maybe different meshes…

this happends even if i add a cube and then a uvsphere… but “sometimes” i find myself adding a new object, but i don’t know how!!!

when does blender decides to start another object, instead of adding mesh to the current object?

(VelikM) #2

‘Add->Mesh->Cube’ stay in edit mode ‘Add->Mesh->UVsphere’, you have just added an Object “Cube” that contains two meshes, a cube and a sphere. You can select one or the other using the ‘L’ key (in edit mode) with the curser on a vertice of one of the meshes. ‘Add->Mesh->Cube’ exit edit mode (tab key) ‘Add->Mesh->UVsphere’, you have added two Objects “Cube” and “Sphere” and two meshes “Cube” and “Sphere”, if you add another cube or sphere (out of edit mode) then the name of the new sphere Object will be “Sphere.001” and the mesh will be “Sphere.001”. ‘Add->Mesh->Cube’ exit edit mode ‘Shift+d’ key, adds a cube object and copies it, the original will be Object “Cube” Mesh “Cube” the copy will be Object “Cube.001” and Mesh “Cube”

I hope this is slightly clearer than mud :wink:

(madmage) #3

that is great: i understood!
thanks a lot :smiley: