Objects and size

I would llike to have a list of all the object and their size in Kbytes

is there a way to get that on an ASCII files so it can be studied
and be able to decide where the Kbytes are distributed and may be do some changes to reduced it ?

is there special techniques to save space and reduced size of files ?

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the size of a mesh in blender is pretty much entirely the size of both the verts and faces [the object links to the mesh and materials, but I doubt materials would take up any really significant amount of space]

saving a mesh as ascii [in any format] will significantly increase its “size”

what exactly are you trying to do? are you aware that any ascii-based format compresses very well [in say a zip archive]?

More in the sense that when the size of the file reach more then 2.6 Mbytes my computer becomes slugish - slow to reponse even the cursor response slows down.

i don’t want to save the data only to be able to see which object is taking the space and computer time.

EX: i did a model of an old wood ship and the file was around 2.5 MB

and then i added some objects and suddenly i was around 4 MB and my PC was began to be sluggish because of the size.

OK i don’t have those latest PC’s at 3 GZ and with 1 GB of memory

so i have to be more carefull to minimize the size of the file
question of managment and minimizing the data’s.

Use instances (alt-d) as much as you can for repeating elements of your model. That may help some…

by the way is there a list on the WEB of the abrev

like LOL and w…


I don’t have one would be nice to know a bit more about these
weird things

Were you in MTL conf ?
We were supposed to receive an E-Mail of all the other E-Mail of the peoples present - still waiting after it ?

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And to answer your questions: Yes I was. No, I got the list.

I don’t know enough to give you a definite answer but most of the bits in any file are probably in the Matrix and not the objects. The matrix includes things like origin, translation, links, values and heirarchy.


i did not receive it
hopefully i did not make any mistake in writing my E-Mail

can you sent me a copie on my E-Mail or ask Francois to sent me a copy