Objects are but can't work on them

Hello !

I made a car rim with a tire, rendered it few times and so on. Now after few days I’m trying to work again with my model but it’s not possible.

When I open the project every model looks like wireframe although it is set to solid or rendered in viewport shading.
I can go to edit mode and select vertices, move them and so on but when I want to unwrap the vertices or render whole scene it is Impossible -while unwrapping in UV/Image editor unwrapped mesh doesn’t show and while rendering the viewport is empty.

In outliner everything looks fine …

So what is the problem?
I think that maybe installation of newer version of Blender did something but even when I open my projects in older version the problem is the same …

Someone ;(

check the display panel for your objects, maybe the display mode is wireframe:

For the rendering problem, try enabling the rendered viewport and tell us if the wheel shows up
Check the camera view (and apologize for the noob suggestion) and check the clipping parameters of the camera
Also check the renderlayer configuration to be sure that your layer isn’t hidden from the passes config

If nothing works try switching to Blender Internal and check also the material of your wheel
or you can provide us a file to do some investigations


I see nothing in my project that could cause this problem …
Don’t know … .
Here is my .blend

Your mesh consists only of vertices and edges - but no faces whatsoever. So, there is actually nothing to see and render but the wireframe…


I confirm this… dunno what could cause this behaviour, maybe you saved your models with bmesh topology and opened and resaved with 2.62- versions?


Or you selected everything and hit Delete –> Only Faces by accident?

In your screenshot the version number is 2.69 - bug of the release candidate, maybe?

I worked partially with this file - first I made 1 tire and rim, some time after I did next one and day after I’ve pyt UV map on a tire. Everything was fine untill today.

I add that this is not my 1st time I have this problem. About year ago I had the same one but that was not a big deal -so I did not carry.
Ehhhh …

Not tested Blender’s judgments are