Objects Cannot Be Selected

While in object mode I cannot select any object. RMB is used to select, and the outline selected is checked in the display menu. Even using the outliner it won’t select the object (it selects the name in the outliner and I can see the materials for that object, but not in the 3d view). If I go into edit mode I can select faces, edges and can do all that normally though.

I have tried using a blank file and it works fine for that, so there must be a setting or something in the file I’m using that I set accidentally?

Have you disabled the ‘Outline Selected’ option in the properties panel ?

No that is enabled. Now in edit mode I can still select edges and whatnot but can’t transform them at all (move rotate etc.). What’s also weird is with rotate around selection enabled, it doesn’t rotate around the selected edge, it rotates around the world center…

Sorry for the double post, I figured it out. Somehow in my editing between the uvw and 3d view windows I unchecked the “restrictic viewport selection” for every object in the outliner… Turned that on again for all of them and everything is peachy!

Hello, when I have trouble with interface I try File -> Load Factory Settings. I also try the same in previous Blender build.