Objects centers and color

So here I am again, still a noobie to blender,
I have two new issues currently. The first is with the object’s center. You know that little pink circle thing? How do I put that in the center of my object, so when I rotate my object it stays in the same spot.
Secondly I was messing with the color settings, I had one object selected and I changed the color on it. When I did this is changed the color on a few other object, I was wondering how I make it so I can color things seperatly.



To change an objects center: In object mode, select the object, press F9 (for editing buttons), and then press the Center new button.

To change the material used by and object: select the object, press F5 (for material buttons), under “link to material”, click the drop-down list and choose a different material or click Add new.

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If you are changing the color of more then one object it means you are sharing material datablocks for the different objects. Next to where you add the material is a small button that contains a number. The number inidcates how many users are linking to this material. You can press the number to make the material a single user instance. This basically means a duplicate of the material datablock is created. You can now change the new material datablock independently from the others.
Beware that textures are not automatically unlinked when doing this. So any changes you are doing to the textures themself will be relfected in the other materials.

If you want to know some more details take a look at:

This is a video tutorial explaining datablocks:

Thank guys for your information how change object & colors and tutorial links

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hi guys that information on Objects centers and color and thanx for the tutorial links