Objects deformed for no reason?

A very strange thing has been happening recently.
When I add a plane, for example, and scale it along an axis in edit mode, it stretches and some edges rotate in a way that they shouldn’t!

Does anybody know what is causing this??? Thank you!

have you tried to recal. the normals (cntrl.N)?
i know that shouldn’t have to be done with just scaling something up but you never know.

Are you in Persective view mode?

Proportional editing mode with a circle too large to see in your current view? That happens to me all the time.

Pivot in cursor mode and the cursor in some wierd place? (Mine looked like it was around the origin but had a Z of around -500 once, and in top ortho . . . ;))

Well, I fired up blender today and… the problem’s gone. Kerry27 and PapaSmurf, I had already tried your suggestions to no avail, but thanks anyway:yes:.

Star Weaver: I don’t know if that was it, but next time it happens I’ll check! Thanks!

Just in case anybody else has this problem, i figured it out: Retopo was on!!!