Objects disappear & alpha in exe

Hey everyone,

I am having a couple of problems with my racetrack testing engine and I haven’t a clue on what’s causing them. The first is when I save it to runtime (exe), none of the transparent textures show, it just displays white (I’m using tif images).

The second is that external objects from the track keep disappearing. For example, I have a water plane and it only displays when the camera is at a certian angle and distance from the ground, I also have a few other objects in the track and you can only see them when the camera is right up close…

If you want, I’ll upload the exe file if you don’t understand what I mean…

Thanks for your help!
From Daniel

i dont realy know what that could be…but maybe its because you didnt pack everything correctly. Try to pack all external files again. Secondly: Maybe try to use “Dynamic .exe” that could solve the problem.

Thanks for the quick reply,

I tried unpacking and repacking but that didn’t work, and when I try to save as dynamic runtime, I get this error: “Unable to make runtime: Unable to find runtime”…

Btw, what’s the difference between normal runtime and dynamic runtime?

Thanks again,
From Daniel

I don’t think .tif files are supported in runtimes. Try replacing the images with .png’s or .tga’s. I ran into a similar problem and that fixed it.


Awesome, thanks chris! I changed the textures to png and it works great! :smiley:

Now for the other problem, I’ve uploaded the exe so you can take a look at it to see what I mean. The best view for it is first-person (number 2) you will see the sea disappear and reappear now and again and you will also notice that the other external objects are completley invisible (e.g. the ramp just before the sand dip at the beginning).

Here’s the link, please only download if you are wanting to help, I’m very efficient about my bandwidth :wink:


Thank you!
From Daniel

Try fiddling with the clip start of your camera. Sometimes I have had a similar problem and it seems to fix it.

Dr S

Hey thanks, that’s actually fixed another small problem I had :smiley: it could be something as to why the objects are dissapearing, because if I reduce the clip end to <10 then the objects don’t disappear, even at different angles although the only problem being that the draw span is extreamly short… :frowning: any other ideas?

Thanks again,
From Daniel