Objects disappear when i hit P?

I’m trying to texture things in the game engine (only been using the game engine for a day), and when I used texture mode… and hit “P”… all my objects disappear!!!

Hmm… I’ve looked through all the docs and tutorials I can find, and nothing seems to say what’s going on.


Are your normals fliped the right way? (to check turn double sided off, and if the faces are black then there fliped the wroung way).

No my faces are white, and… how do i turn double side off anyway?

Still nothing! :smiley: It just disapears. I turned off double sided. I flipped the normals, I recalculated the mornals. Nothing is draw in texture mode.


But shaded is fine, and so is wireframe.

Any ideas?

I started a new game and it all worked, so what the hell happened i have no idea. Still interested in answers if amny one has coemn across this before. Cause I’m sure I iwll screw it all up again!


Somehow you must’ve set the faces to invisible (W->Set…Invisible when in Face select mode) or turned alpha to 0 with an IPO. To fix this, in face select mode press W then click Clr…Invisible. In the case of the IPO simple remove the IPO from the object.