Objects disappear when too close to camera


I am trying to make some kind of FPS. The problem is that when the hands get too close to the camera, they disappear. The thing is, if I move the hands away enough so that they don’t disappear, they are too far away.

Any ideas about this?

it might be that it is set to orthographic view

check the editing button when selecting the camera

Or if Littlebob’s suggestion doesnt work, change the start value for the camera (in the edit buttons).

Hmmm, well the camera wasn’t set to orthographic and changing the start value did not change anything.

When I say the arm disappears, I mean moving it a small about will cause the whole thing to disappear, not just part of it.

Objects normally disapears if blender thinks they are not visible because outside of the cameras view. I noticed this could happen if you zoom the camera viewport to much.

Ive also got this problem

Ive made sure that the objects are double sided (normals facing outward)

But I can come out of a tube onto a plane, turn around and objects disapear and appear and this has no relationship to how far away from the camera they are… really anoying!!!

Make sure the scaling of the objects is 1.0,1.0,1.0! Use “NKEY” to check and CTRL-A to apply size/rot.


are the hand on an armature?


None of the other suggestions are working either.

its probably because the armature center is not in view so it culls it out it does that to me sometimes

Hmm that could be it. Problem is that I can’t change the armature center.

up !

i have the same problem

the size 1.0,1.0,1.0 for object and armature don’t change the problem :frowning:

my character is not visible if i try to see upper than his head or lower than his foot. When changing center, it’s better for one and for the other , the problem is worse. :mad:

someone have solve the problem ? :o thx

after test, i see that the problem arrive when the action is activate, the object keep his center at the same position, but it move by the action or something like.

it’s remember me the problem with raytracing and armatured object.

what could i do ? is it the end of my game ? :’(