objects don't bounce in 2.40

In the new blender alpha build 2.40, how do you get objects to bounce in the game engine? I can get things to fall to the floor correctly, but things don’t seem to bound back at all, they just hit the floor and stop. Messing with the settings hasn’t changed it at all. any Ideas? I’m on mac osx



I may be wrong, but I think that the game engine is broken in the new alpha 2.40… In other words, it doesn’t really work… Maybe I’m wrong, but this could be the problem.


in the dynamic properties of the material you assigned to the ground set the restuit to above zero [1.0 is infinitely bouncy]

using bullet physics spheres don’t seem to be bouncy… weird

I figured this one out…I think. Try turning down the damp factor. The original setting is .040. Just set it to 0. It won’t bounce, but it won’t just fall and stop. Also make sure your bounds aren’t the problem.