objects dont load texture in certain parts


I’m having this problem since yesterday, already googled it, but is hard to search, since is even hard to explain it, but either ways, i didnt found any hint about whats the problem, just tutorials explaining how to apply materials/textures

anyways, my problem is, in ‘Solid’ mode, i can see the model as full solid, if i change to ‘Textured’ i see half of it solid and half as wired, and when i export it, i only can load the ‘textured’ part wich is half of the model

as you may noticed, is kinda hard for me explain the problem, so i took screenshots, to help show the issue:

and this is the ‘solid’ screenshot, so you can see, every vertex is connected

any ideas?, im kinda stuck until i find out whats the problem.

thank you.

edit: i’m not wooried about the texture dont be properly aligned yet, just about them dont show up on half of model

Probably you have flipped face normals

  • Remove any internal faces in your mesh as this will affect the last step.
  • Remove doubles (W / remove doubles)
  • Recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)

thank you very much for the quick and effective answer :slight_smile:

the issue was the ‘flip normal’, and in future i’ll try it out if i get in similar situation

now i do have a question, why did they ‘fliped’ on first place?, since i dont remember used that option (and specialy for half of the model)

you did not take care when modeling about the normals of new created faces.
Nearly half of the model had opposite normals? Looks like at some time during
creation you added a face with opposite normal and used this (extrude … etc.) to
generate the rest.
Tip: enable the display for face normals in the display-options (appears at the right side in the 3D-View-window) then you can see it. You have to do this sometimes to check your work …