Objects falling trough another object

Sorry me, but i don’t know why my bodies falling trough a plane. I probed to switch to NoCollide, to Rigid, to Soft body, i switched the colission bounds too, i probed with cube, with flat, but i can’t figure the problem.
They fall trough when they have high speed.

Thank you!

the more collisions per second, and less CPU you have the higher the chance of this,

try dropping less @ once or try changing all bounds to simple “blocks” or “sphere” not triangle mesh on many complex items,
unless you want to see it fall through,

Set them all to dynamic, and try less cubes. As the speed increases the cubes’ translation values increase too, so there might be the small chance that they don’t ever collide with the plane because it is so thin. Try to place a gigantic cube instead of the plane and still see if they fall through.

also dynamics don’t rotate right Eye,

Check “compound” on the ground you use,

another neat thing,
having a plane under the ground, that has the property “Stop”

and then having in each cube

Collision with stop---------------------and-----Edit Object-Suspend dynamics or ( parent to ground)

= it stabs into the ground…


Setting the physics for the cubes to dynamic makes them easier to test.