Objects floating in space / liquid

Hi community,

I’m wanting to create the illusion of objects free floating in space or suspended in a liquid, without using the particle simulator (my objects are not isolates and have parenting).

I was thinking to create this effect by using some sort of force field (e.g. wind) and having the objects respond to it via some physics. However, I can’t figure out how to get this to work. I’ve attached an image of what I’ve created thusfar.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Objects floating in space don’t do anything. They maintain constant velocity (linear and angular). They are acted on by gravity, but the effects of gravity tend to be small, relative to their velocity.

Little objects floating or suspended in liquid have a particular kind of behavior where their motion is dominated by Brownian motion: small, random movements, caused by the impact of individual molecules (which themselves are moving because that’s what “temperature” is, just disorganized molecular motion-- drop it to 0 K and you stop seeing Brownian motion. )

Neither of these would be simulated by wind. Simulating space is just a matter of, two keyframes only, vector handles, linear extrapolation. Simulating small objects in fluid would be a bunch of keyframed randomized transforms, with vector handles, without regular timing. (There may be some way to drive it from noise f-curve modifiers instead, but it doesn’t seem to me that would be quite right.)

Thanks for the detailed advise on that, I suspected I may have to resort to keyframing with possible use of the noise modifier to simulate movement in water.

Cheers :slight_smile: