Objects flying when in game engine

Hi there,

I couldn’t find any question/answer for what I think is probably a beginner error. I created an armature with 4 links (trying to simulate a robotic arm). My problem is that it gets very crazy once it gets into the GameEngine when it is a Dynamic or Rigid Body, flying around until it disappears.



check that parented objects have no collisions, otherwise they will collide with the armature

Hi Nikolay740,

checked… it’s not touching the parented cylinder. I first created the armature and then extruded a cylinder. I’ll appreciate if you have a couple of minutes to check what’s wrong with this file.



firstArmV02.blend (185 KB)

Here you are

by check I mean set no collision in game panel


firstArmV03.blend (185 KB)

Thanks Nikolay,

I’m a wiser man now… it’s then the parented object the one that should be a “No Collision” type. Thanks for the help,