Objects get cut when in camera view

Hi! I faced the following problem:
I created a scene.
Then I set a camera for animation. But when I look at my scene through the camera view, I see that there is some kind of a black curtain which cuts the green plane in the background.
When I start animation, this dark area still remains and all of the objects disappear into it during animation. I want the green plane to be 100% visible during animation. The idea is that the character actually moves at the the same place all the animation, while the plane and other objects move from right to left.
What can be done with this problem?

Here is the initial scene.

Sounds like it might be a clipping issue.

Check the clipping values on your N panel:

No definitive value, but start by tweaking the clip start to see if that fixes the issue.


THanks for advice but it didn’t help. Tweakening these values doesn’t change a thing.

Hi! Did you check under camera Properties as well?



Wow! It looks like this solves the problem)).
But I actually changed the values of End of Clipping in N menu of the layout. And it didn’'t help. Here in Properties it works.

The setting in the N-menu is for the 3D view… @StrayBillie mentioned the one for the camera.