Objects going throught others objects

Is it possible to anyhow change that, when something goes on high speed towards an object, it goes throught it. On lower speeds this won’t happen. This is annoying, is there anyway to stop this?

And another question:
My textures won’t be seen in game, how can I put so they will be seen? I’ve made a test game couple moths ago where items were texuted, but can’t remember how I did it anymore. :smiley:
Is there somewhere a button that allows them to be seen or something? :o

And one more question:
Is it possible to add “gravities” to objects, like to particles in that “Fields And Deflections” tab, but so they would affect to objects too.

for the speed thing…i don’t know. 2: go to the type of veiw buttons. solid, Shaded, textured and put it on the ball with pictures on it… 3:under the spot where you set dynamic and actor buttons there is mass and other settings.

I am already having textured draw type, it doesn’t help.
And I don’t mean the weigth of object, i mean it would pull or push objects away, even if they wouldn’t be near, if set so.

Make sure the ‘Tex’ tab in the edit buttons -> Texure face tab (in face select mode) is pressed, this allows the image to be displayed on the face.

I got it, I ment texturing with default textures, like Cloud etc… I now tried with own custom texutes, and saw that they will work.

Now I’ll need answer for other questions… If no one know way to texture with default textures.

In The texture map to/map input tabs, (not sure which one) go to the one with the default purple and change it to a color of your choice. these default textures are imediatly affected by colors.

I think the collision problem will be solved once Erwin puts in continuis collision detection or CCD. Which as far as I know is not in 2.42.