Objects grouping automatically?

I’ve just started using Blender, and I’m encountering a rather serious problem. When I add new objects, it seems that they automatically group themselves as part of the main model - when I try to select something in Object Mode, I just get an outline around the whole thing. This means I can’t set seperate Materials and Textures for the different parts of a model, and trying to edit certain idividual pieces can be difficult.

I expect there’s a reasonably simple fix for this, but being a new user I’m not really sure where to begin to start looking, and none of the manual searches I tried came up with anything. Can someone give me a hand?

– Alan

When you add anything while still in Edit mode you are Editing the existing Object with extra Geometry from the Add menu. When you add in Object mode you are adding a new Object. You can rectify what you have now by pressing P >> All Loose Parts in Edit mode.


Oh geez. I figured it was something like that. Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy.