objects in orbits

I have several objects, each with their own path in orbit.
I want all the objects to start from ‘their’ start point and then start to orbit at different times.
when i use the ipo to put in the delay it moves them from their start points part way back round their orbit.
How do i get them to always start at their start points but start at (preset) different start times.
(and then keep orbiting)
thank you

You have the objects following a path?

Select the path, open an ipo window, select path from the ipo drop down menu, add an ipo curve for the speed. Have the first point of the ipo curve start at the frame which you want the object to start moving, adjust the curve of the ipo to adjust the objects speed.

armatures are better for doing perfect circles imo, and you can adjust the offset in the anim buttons.

In ‘IPO Corve Editor’ window you shoul select the curve with the right click and then in menu ‘Curve’ you should select ‘Interpolation mode > Linear’ (default is bezier which makes IPO Curves smooth but sometimes somewhat… ‘unstable’). And repeat it for all Loc and/or Rot Curves.

I hope this helps.