Objects in Scene/Objects [2.8]

Does anyone know why some elements can be selected while some others cannot be selected?

On Top Left of the Outliner, you have this button “Filter”
You can Toggle the “Visible” param (which looks like a pointer)
Then in addition of the “eye” visibility you have also the “selectable” toggle
For example here the Cube is disabled meaning it’s not selectable (can be usefull, sometimes)

You might accidently set it on some of your objects :slight_smile:

See you :slight_smile: ++

I checked that first thing. Any other idea?

When I click on that item, the row gets selected in grey but not the element so I can’t move it anywhere.


If I open another Outliner and drag it onto the View layer or Scene then it becomes selectable. Very weird.

If you speak about the Text.005 it’s hidden in the viewport (as the eye is off)
Hidden objects cannot be selected (At least from UI)

This system is a mess. When you turn it off in viewport the eye is there just disabled. In this case the eye icon is not even present. This is when is disabled in viewport. The icon changes to a closed eye. My picture above doesn’t even have a disabled eye icon.


I could only see the closed eye icon because I moved the file to Scene. Before it was in Objects but unselectable due to that. Now viewport visibility icon is present. So I couldn’t find the item in Scene. I found it in Objects.