Objects interacting with fluids?

Just wondering, is it possible for fluids in Blender to push/lift/deform or otherwise effect objects? If so how?


make them an obstacle http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Fluid_Simulation#Obstacle

you misunderstand, I want the fluid to move the object, not move around it. I want to simulate, say, a boat riding down a river. Any way to do this

that is do-able without fluids at all. You can simulate water well enough for that purpose just using texture maps and displacement modifiers.

Glad to give more details if you need them.

But in answer to your actual question. According to all the literature, it is not possible to allow the fluid to move other things. That being said, I got it to work once, but I don’t know how I did it.

But the texture method is WAY better and more predictable anyway. In fact I am in the process of creating a short that is about a ship on the ocean. And that is the method I am using (textures and displacement)

Now, fluid CAN deflect cloth and possibly softbodies. Fluids moving rigid objects is very complex stuff, and Blender does not have that specialized code in it (yet). Some things are known, like the fluid viscosity, and other things can be set in the game area of Blender (mass, friction) but other things like fluid pressure and density are not known, and things about the object are not like shear force and tensile strength.

CGmoose is right, you just move the object (with deforming shape keys or bones) to simulate what you think would happen.