Objects Invisible and Shouldn't Be

I don’t know if I hit some button or key combination unwillingly, but after sculpting one of my meshes all that will show up is one object which I haven’t even manipulated yet.

All the objects are on the same layer and they are all toggled to visible. The only visible object is not set to be the only render.

None of the invisible objects can be manipulated in any way.

However, when I render it to an image/video everything is as it should be.

Has anyone ever run into this problem before, or knows what I did wrong off the top of their head?

You probably hit H in object mode accidentally. Look at the outliner window: is an “eye” icon next to your object highlighted? If not, you can either click it, or just press Alt+H to reveal all your hidden objects.

All objects are visible according to the eye icon. That’s what I implied by all objects being toggled to visible. There was a lot of posts I ran into during my search that suggested ALT+H, but it didn’t help my problem at all.