Objects invisible when face is selected

I’ve seen this posted around the internet but absolutely cannot find an answer and it is now a serious issue as I’ve been using Blender for Dental Technology work. For months since I installed 2.83 honestly thought this was just a new feature lol. I’ve sent blend files and other people don’t have this issue. it is across all versions of blender i’ve installed on this computer since 2.83 (previous was 2.7x on winxp computer which worked excellent lol), and I’ve deleted %appdata% already.

Photo of the issue

Explanation: When vertices, more specifically faces, are selected in edit mode. The face becomes invisible in object mode, or masked in all viewport modes. Solid its like it was never there, material creates strange artifacts (especially when moving view) as does rendered (viewport), wire frame the points all converge in a weird way.

Imported objects are selected by default, making them almost invisible, except for the outline. I must tab into edit, and Alt+A, then its all good.

This has been mainly an annoyance, however a script I use selects faces which i need to view before applying.

Could it be a video card issue, yes…can I update my drivers, no. However there is definitely a work around because everything else renders and views fine, only when the faces are selected is it an issue. I’m praying its a setting, but have checked a ton of stuff lately

here is a similar post which shows what my default cube looks like:

I’ve got an older HP laptop which works great, AMD embedded Radeon chipset (other post are about Intel). Renders and everything works great.

Thank you so much in advance.

My specs if useful:
HP Pavilion 17 Notebook
AMD A10-5750M 2.5 GHZ
Radeon 8650G HD
Windows 10 Pro x64

SOLVED: Had to update the Radeon drivers, even though my chip is no longer supported. The driver software listed under my chipset did not work, however I found a link on the site to 15.7.1 Catalyst installer and viola! no more invisible default cube or selected faces. Darn strange behavior if you ask me