Objects jump at animation start

I’m trying to animate a solid logo crashing up through a wooden stage and knocking over everything on the stage. I’ve key framed the logo moving from below the stage to above the stage. I created the ground under the stage with a slot in it for the logo to move through. The physical properties of the ground are Rigid Body, Passive. I’ve built the stage and equipment on the stage as individual objects and their physical properties are Rigid Body, Active. When I hit play, the logo comes up through the stage crashing through everything as planned. BUT also when I hit play all of the objects that make up the stage jump up and settle back down before they’re hit by the logo. I’m trying to get those objects to be stationary before the logo hits. HELP! What I’m I doing wrong?

i would guess, you did some wrong physic settings… but… it would be nice, if you show us, what’s happen exactly and how are your settings for the object.

Hello. I move your question to the right topic. Support…
But if your objects jump at start… perhaps they are overlapping at the beginning.