Objects Lags for no apparent reason?


I’ve got an object lagging behind when animating. Very involuntary secondary action. :confused:

It’s the tongue of my character. The lagging isn’t really always the case, but unfortunately doesn’t only appear when playing animation within Blender, but also when I just move frames by hand and even when I export animation (in whatever format). I can correct the position of the tongue and make it snap back to where it should be, by moving any bone in the scene. (And then undo the step to reset the bone moved).

But why is the tongue doing it to begin with? I am not aware of any box that I might have ticked in the process of creating the rig. The tongue is separate from the body and follows the head movement as a child to the head bone so that should work neatly. Skinning has no issues either, also, it’s not partly in different locations (as with areas that have weight influence from two bones) but literally seems to move a frame later than the rest of the figure. xD

Here is frame 1…

And here frame 2. The tongue is still where it was in frame 1. Here I can come and correct it’s displayed position in the ways mentioned above.

Any ideas what to look for?

this should be posted under rigging and animation by the way…

this is not my strongest topic, but i think i can help you out.
there are two kinds of bones, deformation, and controll (probably more but as i said, not my strongest topic)
the controll bones are the lines you see all over the character, witch you use to controll the deformation bones! not the character itself!

however, the deformationbones are the once that controlls the character, and manipulates it.

the reason why the tongue is lagging behind, is most likely cause its not been assigned to a deformationbone, or it has a weight of 0.

go to the armature settings, and scroll through the layers untill you find a rig that looks like basic bones inside the character, those are most likely the deformation bones.
if the armature has a tongue bone, then click the tongue, and go to weight paint, then click the armature, and select the tongue bone, and paint the tongue red.

if there are no tongue bones, then select the jaw bones, and paint it red.

if there is a tongue bone, and the tongue is already red, then for some reason the deformation bone is not affected by the controll rig. if thats the case, then i dont know how to solve it. its not hard i assume, but again, not my strongest topic :wink:

post the blend file if you want the correct answer right away by the way. so you get more “this” and less “if”.

Hey Finalbarrage,

thanks for the input! It seemed to help. :smiley: I needed the tongue to be in place and not be “deformed” by the bone it uses to remain in place so I thought I turn Deform off and put no weight on it either. And it worked, just lagged a little, so I didn’t thought more of it. But now I’ve given it some weight and it doesn’t lag anymore. The bone still isn’t checked as a deform one but should the lagging return I’ll give that a try, too, and check it.

Ah, I wasn’t sure about which Thread to put this under, as I had no idea what reason that might have had. Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

And I shall remember to add .blend files for future questions. :smiley: