Objects Lose Position After Record Game Physics To IPO

Hi All,

I have a complex model made up of a lot of parts. I made each part an actor. When I press-P key, the parts of the model fall. This looks fine.

However, when I turn on Record Game Physics To IPO and press P-key, after the simulation, my model parts are in the wrong place at frame 1. The model should be all together at frame #1.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?:rolleyes:

They would be in the wrong place because they have IPO’s now, objects with IPO’s, even without an IPO actuator, will be placed at the beginning of the game, in the position determined by the IPO.

You shouldn’t use record to IPO unless it’s for a rendered animation, you don’t need to do that for most cases in the BGE.

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Correct, Cyborg Dragon, I don’t want to use BGE. I want to render out the animation.

But if what you are saying it true, then record to IPO has become useless. Shouldn’t the first frame of the animation simply be where the object started?

This seems like a new bug in the system. I have not used the Record to IPO since 2.44 and it worked correctly in that version.


I am not very familiar with the BGE, but this might work: check the Add button (the one next to the Force button) in the ipo panel of the acutators. That should add the ipo to the current location. Also, try ctrl-alt-shift-p in stead of "recording game physics to IPO. In my experience this gives different results sometimes. Hope that helps. Some info on the new BGE can be found here http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/GameEngineDev/Logic