Object's meshes and verts

I am trying to experiment with a ball trying to deform a plane with 2 times subdivision. I am trying to get the vertex that is near the hit area of the ball, but after parousing through the API, I found out that there are currently no built-in methods for this (i.e. hitPolygon, hitVertex). I have Blender version 2.66. How can I possibly accomplish this?

This is checked as SOLVED already, but just in case. I believe you could get the polygons that are hit with KX_PolyProxy.collide. But somehow it won’t work. When the plane gets hit, all polygons have collide?? I don’t understand, but this should work:

move_z = 0.1

def deformVertices(mesh, polygon):
    matId = polygon.getMaterialIndex()
    for index in range(polygon.getNumVertex()):
        vertex_index = polygon.getVertexIndex(index)
        vertex = mesh.getVertex(matId, vertex_index)
        vertex.z -= move_z

def deformMesh(cont):
    if not cont.sensors[0].positive:
    own = cont.owner
    mesh = own.meshes[0]
    for index in range(mesh.numPolygons):
        polygon = mesh.getPolygon(index)
        if polygon.collide:
            deformVertices(mesh, polygon)
            own.reinstancePhysicsMesh(own, mesh)

Edit: This module is attached to a Collision Sensor.