objects moving at a strange location

Hi - we have ran into this problem quite few times where objects “snap” to a strange location. Our architectural projects are started in a CAD program (usually SolidEdge) then saved as .dxf and imported in Blender. Here the modelers build on top of the CAD floors plans/sections/facades, etc.
However, some objects that are imported behave strangely: once selected and hit g (grab) they jump somewhere, like they are attracted by a magnet to that location. We couldn’t understand what cause this behavior. If anybody wants to take a look, I can upload a newly small addition project that we started today and has this problem. Thanks a

Go ahead and upload a sample blend.

Below is the link to the .zip file. For example, select the CAD floor plan (lower left corner) and hit “g” - the object moves somewhere … that thing won’t happen if the floor plan object is in edit mode … But once you exit edit mode, the object will move to that strange location … Initially I thought that we inserted a location key, but not the case. Anyway, have a look and see if you can come up with an explanation. Thanks for help!

Some of the objects have very strange coordinates. In the viewport, hit the N-Key and select a few objects. You will see that some have locations far from the center, like X = 10000 BU and Y = -2916 BU.

Interesting. Their object centers are far away from the actual polygons.

You can fix it by selecting an object and then on the Editing buttons window click “Center New”.
The object will move off ‘somewhere’, so press Alt-G to clear the location.
The object will be located at the origin. Now you can grab and move it normally.

Thanks for help guys - yes their centers are far away for some reason.
followed RobCozzens’ steps and yes, things are good now.
In the future I’ll be posting another issue that we ran into in certain models: snap ceased to work after a while. I’ve been posting that question a while ago - with no answer. When we’ll be running into a model with that issue I’ll come back.
Thanks again for your help! a