objects not casting shadows...

(Dittohead) #1

objects not casting shadows:


I have two scenes in the .blend. i created the pedestal textured it, then moved it into the other scene by creating a cube in scene 2(the one without the pedastal) and went to editbuttons, and while having the cube selected i selected the the pedastal in the editbuttons screen to assign the mesh to the cube.

got that?

ok good, whats the problem?

(theeth) #2

I don’t know if that would fix it, but instead of using the create mesh / change user trick, maybe you could try using Ctrl-L -> To Scene.


(Dittohead) #3

hrm scene one’s shadows go perpindicular to the other shadows, but scene 2 has none.

(humphrey) #4

My experience with shadows is that you really need to use a spot lamp… normal lamps don’t really seem to cast shadows… but they are good for lighting things up…
Maybe try a shadow only spot light…