Objects not rendering when using camera tracking


Hi all,
I am a total noob to blender.
I was trying to use camera tracking to add some objects to a scene I filmed. I successfully tracked the footage (I watched a tutorial) and got the default cube that appears when you track things to stay on the floor. However, when I try to add any other object to the scene the new object is not rendered. I tried using the layers with the cube and the plane but I couldn’t get any results. The only way I could get the other objects to render was if I used the same material as the cube but I don’t want to use that material for everything.
By the way I have to use blender internal render engine because my computer is bad.
Does anybody know hot to make these other objects render?
Thanks so much!

(Andy Sellers) #2

Can you post the .blend?


Thank you for the reply! I figured out the issue. I just had to disable the sequencer in the render settings. Thanks for the help though!