Objects not showing in the render

the objects doesnt show when I render it, there is only the flat base and the breaking ball. Ive tried everything to fix it.
1.blend (3.52 MB)

Apparently you did not try “everything”, as you didn’t try the two things that would solve the issue… :yes:

So, at some point you toggled “View Local/Global” and the objects are not in Local View, only Global - that’s why they don’t render…

Fix that by toggling back to Global View and they do:

Or you could move the cylinders into Local View - choice is yours my friend.

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Oh thanks!!! Yeah I didn´t tried that one. So what´s the difference between local and global view? like what do you use them for? I´m kind of new to blender :confused: jeje.

The manual entry for global/local view https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/editors/3dview/navigate/views.html

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