Objects not staying when linking from multiple scenes

I have 2 scenes, one is an environment, the other scene contains an object I want to put in the first scene’s environment. When I link the object into the first scene, the object appears at some location (we will call it x,y,z) Later I move the object to a new offset (ie. x+100, y+200, z-100) and everthing looks fine.

If I switch scenes (ie. to view the 2nd scene) or if I save the environment scene, the position of the object moves back to (x,y,z). I was able to work around this by parenting the object to an empty and moving the empty. Any idea what’s going on? Why does the object move back to where it originally was when I linked the object to the environment scene?


Does the object have an IPO (ie animation)?

The object has an armature with several actions. Come to think of it, when I animated it in the new scene I think after the “rest position” the object relocated itself on frame 2. Is the IPO using the original coordinates from the original scene?


If the object is still linked, than yes.

You can unlink it with the Ukey and selecting one of the first three options.