Objects not visible in viewport - solid and wireframe ONLY


I’ve run into a strange issue. I can’t figure out what might have triggered this but the last thing I did was run a render after setting up some grass with Graswald. Anyways, in Solid or Wireframe viewport mode I can’t see anything. Well, in solid I can see a dark shaded region that seems to show the perspective of one of my cameras … but that is it. I can still use render mode and I can even use the workbench in render mode. Did I hit a button I shouldn’t have? Or have I corrupted something? I think everything looks good in the outliner.

I’m almost done this tutorial so maybe I can just live with it and use the workbench, but damn I am curious what went wrong.

Youve propably hit Alt+Bto only show a portion of the viewport while working. To undo this just hit Alt+B again.

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It looks like a clipping issue, go into the N -Panel and under view set start to .01 and end to 100000 or so, that should get everything visable again.

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You win! Really appreciate the help.

You lose! I appreciate you just as much.