objects on a curve?

see pic
i sure don’t want to put all those rivets in one by one!

Helpful suggestions welcome

thanks all


You could try using dupliverts or create one rivet, and then using the array modifier and the curve modifier, reproduce the rivet that way.

The rivets seem to have quite regular patterns. putting them there by hand will actually not be very hard at all. Just make sure you duplicate as many rivets as possible at a time.

I just had a similar problem and ended up using arrays and two shrinkwrap modifiers.
The first shrinkwrap for the vertex-group touching the main part and the second for the sticking out part with an offset.
You won’t get anywhere near accurate with this, though.

“using the array modifier and the curve modifier, reproduce the rivet that way.” and" shrinkwrap modifiers"
sadly i don’t know enough to use those.
i do remember that one could put a string of objects on a bezier curve. but don’t remember how!
then i would duplicate that several times.

I have attached a blend which demonstrates the method I would use to get the rivets.

RivetExample.blend (439 KB)

thanks i will look at it right away

still using 2.49 it did not want to open it…
but i ‘imported it’

that is perfect!
how do i do that?
thanks again

PS there was no top menu, is that how 2.5 is?

2.5 has a top menu, it must just be an effect of the import.

It should be pretty clear if you have a look at the modifiers that have been applied to the rivet object.

*Create a curve in the shape you want.
*You create a single rivet.
*Go to the modifiers for the rivet, and add the array modifier and then the curve modifier.
*In the properties of the curve modifier, select the curve object you created.
*In the properties of the array modifier, adjust the count and relative offset values to suit.

This will give you one row of rivets. If you want to then add several rows of rivets, you then add another array modifier to the rivet object and adjust the relative offset and count values to suit.

Hope that helps.

i will see what happens in 2.49b

so far it just behaves crazily.
wot am i doin’ rong?


boiler.blend (141 KB)

It has something to do with your curve. When I do it, I use a “path” type curve.

i think you used a nurbs - new to me