Objects overlap after recording to IPO

In my scene I have a bunch of dominos set up, each duplicated from an original (not duplicated and linked). I can run the game without recording and everything works just fine, and when I click record to IPO, and then play, it still works fine. But after recording, or if I quit early and hit escape, all 800 dominos go to the same spot as the original domino, and if I try to play the animation, all of those dominos in that one spot just act out that one domino’s actions.

I imagine there is probably some inadvertant linking between the dominos that I turned on by accident, but I haven’t been able to find it after searching for the past two days. So yea, any help would be greatly appreciated! :yes:

edit Oh, and if it matters, I’m using Blender 2.44 on Windows XP

edit x2 I was able to fix the problem by going through each of the dominos individually and assigning them their own datablock (under the IPO window towards the right), hopefully this will be helpful to someone else!